Inquire is free and exclusively available for users that have integrated their media kit to their Ad Portal.

Inquire bridges the gap between advertisers and ad sales.

Advertisers visiting your media kit can create custom offers for a product or bundle they're interested in directly through your media kit, including the quantity desired based on their budget. The inquiry is then sent to the appropriate email of your choice. 


How does Inquire work for an advertiser?

Follow a basic example of how Inquire can work below.

Here is's Ad Portal. It is their media kit that is converted into an interactive Ad Portal and includes Inquire

The add icon in the lower right corner is the icon for Inquire. 

An advertiser can then browse the products offers.
Perhaps they are interested in purchasing native advertising.

By selecting a product and Add to Inquiry, this product is saved in their inquiries. 

The advertiser can open their inquiries to delete or edit products by clicking the icon.

Delete by selecting the x icon.

Customize by selecting the small arrow to the right of the product. 

A new window will pop up to allow the visitor to enter a desired volume, budget or even currency they would like to pay in.


Continue to send Inquiry!

Click continue to be led to a contact form. Once it is filled in, send inquiry and the custom offer is on the way to the designated inbox and your settings!


For profile owners only

There is an Inquiry section on your dashboard.
You can find all your received inquiries here. You are able to see if an inquiry has been reviewed if it is checked off by one of your team through the check icon located to the right of the inquiry. 

The inquiry will also be delivered to the designated email in your settings!

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