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You've created an account and you've reached your blank media kit. In this quick crash course, you'll find tips to navigate your new media kit. After, all that's left is to get started!

This is a blank media kit. Time to customize!

Here are the quick steps to a complete media kit

1. Logo & Header images - Hover over the logo or header area. Click the camera icon that appears to add an image. 

You can even add a video in your header space! Link to a public Youtube video or Pro Vimeo video to bring your media kit to life.

Ideal logo resolution: 1000x1000 or 500x500
Ideal header image resolution: 1680x504

2. Content - Add throughout your media kit with the add icon. Each page allows you to fill in information all through the add icons.

3. Statistics - Add stats for websites, print, web TV and podcasts with the add icon.
Scroll down for more on this!

4. Audience info - Create an audience group by making an audience group to show an overview of your demographic. Add specific surveys with percentage or index visual representation after.  

5. Case examples - Show off previously successful work with a description, images or video. For video, link to Youtube or Vimeo and save!

6. Products - Your ad solutions are what you offer as products. Create a group with the appropriate category, like digital, print, native, radio, and more. Inside the group, click the add icon again to add a specific product and it's details

7. Ad specifications - Create the technical details and any other links you want to include here. You can even select which products you would like to include these ad spec links in. 

8. Contact info - Add your visiting address, brand contact email, phone number and website. Add your team to this page to show advertisers your team or offer specific contacts.

Please note that empty tabs do not show up on your public media kit.

Media kit tips & specifics

Add icons

Throughout your profile you will see the icon to add content to different pages.


Edit or deleting content

Any time you see a tool wheel icon you can edit or delete your content.
Click and select either edit or delete.
Update your info and save. Easy as that!



Click the add icon to view the follo w options for data sources.

Manually add statistics, connect to KIA Index (if you're in Sweden) or Google Analytics on this page.

If you manually add stats, remember to add a source so your numbers are credible and trusted.

To connect to Google Analytics, 

select this from the drop down menu and log into the google account associated with your analytics.

For all other statistic sources, click add and simply fill in the fields you want to share.

Remember a valid source boosts trust and credibility!


Audience data

By clicking the add icon, you should see this form to create an audience group. In the description, you're free to add as much information as you would like!

Once the group is created you can add specific surveys completed by you or a 3rd party have conducted, that show audience data in either percentage or index representations.



This page should look like this. 

Click the add icon to create a group.

You can create a new group or link to an existing group if you have a media group that already has products for example.

Choose a category for the group and create.

Create a product with the add icon.

Choose create a new product.

Now you are able to fill in the product form with your product details.
Here is an example.

Save and the first product is made!

Add images or videos by selecting the tool wheel icon here or add when you create the product.

Brand settings

While your profile is private, you can click fix now to access your settings.

Otherwise click your avatar in the upper right corner to access your brand settings.
Select manage to get to your media kit settings.


Here you have all of your media kit settings.

Switch to public, add users, embed a custom media kit to your site and more here!

Learn all about Brand Settings in this section of our support page.

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