Adding a Product Group

Select the Products tab. 

Click the add icon in the Create Product Group box.

A drop down menu will appear. 

Select if you want to Create a new Product Group or Link to an Existing Product Group.

Create a New Product Group

If you want to Create a New Product Group, select this option by clicking the icon sign. 

The following menu should appear:

Fill in the name, category, upload an image and write a description of the product group.

Save your product group by clicking create!

Link to an Existing Product Group

Select the option to Link to an Existing Product Group.

You'll see the following: 

Select a product group that you previously created. 

The linked product group will sync with the selected product group. 

Select Create. Now it's all linked up!

Creating Products

Now that you are done creating a product group you are ready to create products.
Click here to learn more about creating products.

Updating or Deleting Products

If you want to edit or remove anything, we use the tool wheel to make changes. 

The tool wheel icon is in the upper right corner of the content boxes. 

Here's an example:

Click the tool wheel icon to either edit or delete any info.

Still can't edit or delete something from your profile?
You can always get in touch with us through our in-app chat or at

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