Select Account Type

If you made an account yourself, after you have signed up, you will be prompted to select an account type.

Select if you're a Brand, Influencer or End-user


Select Brand if you are a publisher or media group

An example would be if you are something like Aftonbladet, The Seattle Times, Buzzfeed or Ebay.


Select Influencer if you are an influencer.

For example, this is the account type you should pick if you are a social media figure on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or a blog.


If you work for a brand, group or influencer network, you may have already been invited to a profile through an email invitation as an end-user. 

Activate your account through the link in the invite.

An end-user means you have access to a profile but do not have editing permissions. 

It's used for employees, for example, someone in sales or marketing, to have access to the profile as well. They are just not allowed to edit. 

Typically, an end-user will be invited to a profile. 

Although, you can register yourself as an end-user to have an account, explore the site, and be invited to be linked to an Ocast profile. 

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