Invite an Influencer

First things first.
Start by inviting the Influencer to your group.

Go to Dashboard and enter Settings.

In your Settings, click Invite Profiles. 

Fill in the email address of who you want to invite and click Send.

The Influencer you invited will receive an email with an invitation link.
It looks something like this: 

Once they Accept Invite, they log in to their account to continue and are now linked to your network.

If they don't have an account, they simply Create a new account.
This is also linked to your network. 

Adding an Influencer in Network Settings

After an Influencer has been invited to your network, you have to change your settings in the network profile to include them. 

Go to Settings and then Payment Settings.

You will see something like this:

The amount of Influencers in your Influencer Network should match how many profiles you're paying for.

For the user to be connected and public, you update this info by clicking Manage profiles.

You'll see a window that says Linked Subscriptions. 

Changed the not linked button to linked

Exit the Linked Subscriptions window.

Hey, don't exit yet! 

Save your changes first! 

Click Update Payment on the bottom of the page before leaving. 

Now all your info is updated and you've gained another awesome Influencer to your network. Great job!

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