Add an Ad Spec. Group

To get started, click the add icon above Add new ad spec. group.

A new menu will pop up. It should look something like this: 

First, give your Ad spec. group a name. 

Select the product group you want to connect the Ad specs with.

For example, if you want to create ad specs for Desktop advertising products, select desktop advertising as the your chosen product group.

Select create.

Now you have an Ad Spec. group and it's connected to your product group.
Great work!

Now you can create ad specifications for these products. 

Creating Ad Specifications

Select Create new ad spec. 

A pop up menu will appear.

Choose add a new ad spec or link to an existing ad spec.

Helpful hint: Linking to an existing ad spec can be useful if you have the same ad specifications for various product groups. By linking ad specs, you don't have to recreate them from scratch for each product group.  

Create a New Ad Spec.

Click create new ad spec.

Add a name and description.

Choose which products in the connected product group you want this info to be shown in. 

Helpful hint: You can also choose to have this ad spec automatically added to any new products in the future that are in the connected product group. 

Create and your new ad spec is saved!

How it looks:

The ad spec will be shown on your product window. 

FYI: Ad specs are found in the Ad Specs. tab and directly in the products.

Open a product.

Click the tab to the right of General Guidelines. 

Now all your ad spec info will drop down.

Here you can find all your ad spec information!

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