Start by creating a product group.

Choose display as the category. 

Once the group is created, you can being adding products. Click the add icon to get started adding all the display products you want to offer!

You can either create a new product or link to an existing product. 

When you Create a new product, you'll see the following menu:

Fill in the form with the product name, description, and dimensions.

For example, if you have a panorama product with a width 1024 and height 320, enter the dimensions in the form like we have in the image below. 

You can add more dimensions to your product by selecting the plus icon to the right of the dimensions. 

Select which devices your product is compatible with. You can choose multiple devices!
Choose between desktop, tablet, and mobile. 

Select an image that illustrates your product. 

For example, a Panorama Top product may have an image that looks something like this: 

On your product, you can describe the format, select the currency you work with and how you would like to be paid.

Enter the price details or select contact sales. 



Advanced Settings

At the bottom of the form you can select advanced settings above Create product to apply advanced details to your product.

Here you can choose format types, targeting information, demo-url, max weight adn file formats you accept.

At the bottom of the form, you can choose which profiles the product should be included in. 

Note: This is only necessary if you have a group profile

You can add a contact person responsible for this product as well. 

If you have ad specs to add you can also choose to add them here. 

Save changes and your product is created!

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