What is a non-module based print product?

A non-module based print product is, for example, a magazine. Products offered in the magazine can be represented as a non-module based print product. 


Create non-module based print products

Start be creating a product group.

Select Print (Non-module based) as the product category.

Now you are able to insert the page dimensions and safe area of your print product group. 

Page dimensions

Page dimensions regards the whole surface area of the print page.

For example, if the print page is 190 x 280, these are the page dimensions in the product group.

If you product has these dimensions, that would mean the ad covers the whole page, like the page below.


Safe area

To create a margin for the edges of your page, you can create a safe area.

The safe area's page should be less than the page dimensions. 

It will look a like this when you create a safe area, or margins, for your page.

Your safe area could also be the same size as your page dimensions.

If you DO NOT have a safe area and the ad size is smaller than the page, the ad will not be centered and have a left alignment.
It may look something like the following:

Once you have added your page dimensions and safe area, you can create your product group. 

After you've created a product group, click the add icon to create new products.

You will see a pop-up window.

Select create a new product

Fill in the form and upload an image.

Fill in the dimensions for your product and you will get a visual of your product, with regards to your page size and safe area. 



If you enter 95 x 280, you will get a vertical half page

If you enter 190 x 140, you will get a horizontal half page

Again, your product dimensions will adjust based on your page dimensions and safe area. 


Exceeding the safe area

If you have a product that exceeds a full page, you can exceed the safe area. 

Enter your dimensions and check the box next to Exceed safe area. 

The width of this product is twice as big as the print product group, for example.

Here is what your product in print advertising could look like:

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