Inquire bridges the gap between advertisers and ad sales by allowing advertisers to create custom offers through your media kit in a few clicks and send them right to your inbox.  

They are also able to add details like quantity, budget and even currency to their inquiry. The inquiry is then sent to a designated email of your choice. 

 Note: Inquire does not complete or finalize a transaction in any way, it simply sends the offer to the right people to review and make a decision or continue a dialogue.  


Activate your Ad Portal to get Inquire

Activate your Ad Portal through your embed settings to get an SSL certified Ad Portal powered  by Ocast. 

If you already have an active Ad Portal, you can continue with this option, however we strongly recommend to update to an SSL certified Ad Portal.

Click the button below for directions on activating your Ad Portal.  

Inquire is automatically added when you activate your Ad Portal. Opt-out in your embed settings. 

See a basic step-by-step walkthrough of how an advertiser may user Inquire here. 


Opt-out of Inquire in your embed settings. 

Simply select No and save your preferences. 

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