Column based print products
are often in newspapers. Each offered column has a different set of prices based on section and day of the week.

Create column based print products

  1.  Create a product group. 
  2. Select Print (column based) as the category.

4. After you create the product group, create new products. Click the add icon.

5. Create a new product or link to an existing product.
Choose to create a new product or link to an existing product.

6. Select create a new product. 

Enter the details of your product like the name, description and an image.

Select currency and the unit of your choice. 

7. Create product.
8. Now in the product group, view product to edit the information.

You should see your product description, headlines and content in the upper right of the page.

To edit the price of the product, click the add icon above add price. 

You can add a product description, different columns, and various prices.

Let's create some columns. 

We have filled in a column title (Section 1), a description and various prices depending on the days of the week. 

Easily add or remove columns by selecting the plus or minus icon to the right of each field.

Enter as much or little information as you want.

9. When you're done, save changes.
Now we have created a product page with various columns and prices. 


Add pages

The sections we previously added apply to all areas of the print product.

If you want to separate the sections to different pages, click the pencil icon.

When you manage pages, you can create new pages with new dimensions and prices.

Enter a page name and click ADD PAGE to create a new page.

To duplicate a page, click the duplicate icon next to the pencil icon.
You can always duplicate and edit information after to save time! 

Edit a name by clicking the pencil icon.

To view different pages, select what page you would like to view from the drop down menu. 

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