What is a parent product group?

A parent product group is a group that can contain several sub-groups within it. In parent product groups, you must first create groups within it before adding products to the groups. 

Parent groups are useful if you have various products that need to be organized in a specific group or bundle in your media kit.

What is a sub product group?

A sub-product group is a group that falls under the parent group and can contain products. 


Create a parent product group

On the products tab of your profile, select create product group.

You can either link to an existing product group or create a new product group.

Choose to create a new product group.  

Give the group a name and choose the product group category.
Remember to select parent group!

To save the parent group, select create. 

Create a sub group

Go to the parent group.
Now you can create new product groups within the parent group. 

Click create product group. 

A pop-up will open to create a new product group. 

Now you can create a group as you normally would. 

If you need a refresher, click the button below.

Be sure to check the box Place group under... and select which parent group your sub-group should belong to!

These settings are usually filled in if you create a product group directly through a parent group.

To save, press create. 

The sub-group is now saved under the parent group.

You can create as many sub-groups as you like with different categories under the same parent group. 

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