With profiles that are apart of a group profile, like a Media Group or Influencer Network, there is the possibility to link products or product groups to the groups already existing products. 

Link a product group

Go to the products tab.
Click create product group.

You can either choose to create a new product or link to an existing product. 

Choose to link to an existing product group.

Now select which product group you would like to link to.

After you're done, select create. 

Your linked product group will now be shown in your products.

When a user clicks on the linked group, they will be redirected back to the group profile, where the products were created originally. 

If you don't want to be redirected back to the group profile of this product group, you should instead choose to link products and not link the product group entirely. 

Note: If you change any product information on the group profile, the information will be changed on all the profiles they're linked to as well.

Link a product

Create a new product group. 

You could also add a product inside an already established product group.

After you've made a group, click create a product. 

You can either create a new product or link to an existing product.
Choose to link to an existing product. 

You can link products that are in your group.

Note: You are able to link products only if the product groups have the same category on the profile and from the group profile. 

Select the products you would like to link. You can choose several at a time!

If you only link products, and not product groups, a viewer won't be redirected back to the group profile where the original products are located.

Press create and you're done!

The linked products will automatically reflect any changes made to them on any profile they're linked to. 

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