Create a programmatic products

Start by creating a product group.
Choose programmatic as the product category.

Fill in the information needed before creating the group.
Upload an image and write a description.

Select which system providers and compatible DSPs that your programmatic products work with. 

You can also insert a deal id for your product group as well. 

When you're done, press create.

Start creating products by clicking the add icon above create product in your programmatic product group. 

You can choose to create a new product or link to an existing product. 

Click create a new product

Give your product a name, image and a well-written description.

After you've entered the basics, you can enter the dimensions of your product in pixels.

Enter the width and height of the product.
If you have a Deal ID, enter that too. 



Add or remove prices with the plus or minus icon.

By adding various prices, media buyers can see what advertising solutions you offer. 

Enter the price details like price solution, currency and price. If you don't want to enter a set price, choose contact sales. 

You can also show which purchase types you accept and the floor price of your product.


Advanced settings

If you want to enter advanced settings, click the small text, Want to use advanced settings?

So you (hopefully) can't miss it, the text looks exactly like this below:

In the advanced settings, you can select which device your product is compatible with, pick a date and a deadline date. It is also possible to enter a timezone of the product and choose which countries it is available in.

You can also check yes or no in the boxes on the form if it is possible to add data to your product.  

It is also possible to include a demo url and a link the buying system. 

Enter the max. weight and select which file formats are accepted.

When you're finished entering your product details, click create product. 

Your first programmatic product is now created.

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