In advertising, an insert is a separate advertisement put in a magazine, newspaper, or other publication. 


Create an insert product

Start by creating a product group and choose inserts as the category. 

Add an image and write a well-written description.  

Select create to save your product group. 

Click the add icon above create product to add a new product to the product group. 

You can either create a product or link an existing product. 

Click create a new product

Give your product a name, image and description.

Include the currency you accept for your product. 



Fields can be used as additional space for product information.
This information is displayed on the right side of your insert products.
Enter the headline and the content to include the field. 

Add as many fields as you'd like, just click the plus icon to the right of the field boxes. 

To save, select create.


Almost done!

The product is now visible in the product group, but needs a little editing.
Click view product. 

A new pop-up window will open. 

Enter the prices for the insert product.
Click add price.

Now you can add prices depending on volume or day.
Add as many volumes as you would like by clicking the plus icon to the right. 

Here is a little example below- We have excluded Saturday and Sunday so those days are not included in the product offering. i.e., the user is unable to click on them.

When you're done with pricing, save changes

Your product will now look something like this:

Notice how Saturday and Sunday are grey?
This is because we didn't fill in a price for those days.

Add pages

In the example above, the prices added are applied to all areas of the insert product. 

If you want to put prices on specific pages, click the pencil icon.

This allows you to manage pages. Create a new page by typing in a name and clicking add page.

Duplicate a page by clicking the duplicate icon next to an existing page that is listed. 

Duplicating a page means all prices and information will also follow. Of course, you can change this after you've duplicated it as well. 

Once a page is created, you can switch views to different pages by selecting a page from the drop down menu. 

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