Linking Ad Specs can save a lot of time. Why type the same information twice when you can easily use it again.

Create an ad spec. group 

Go to Ad Specs on your profile menu.
Click Add new ad spec. group. 

 Enter the name of the Ad Spec group and select which products you would like to connect to the ad spec group. 

To create the group, press create.

In the upper right corner of the page, click on your newly created ad spec group. 

Once you are in the ad spec group, click create new ad spec. 

A pop-up will appear. Click Link an existing ad spec. 

Now you are able to select which ad spec. you would like to link. 

Following choosing which ad spec. you would like to link, you can choose which products you want to add it to.

If you choose to do nothing, all of the products in the connected product group will automatically be included. 

It is also possible to check the box to "Automatically add to new products".
In the future, all new products in this group will also include this linked ad spec. 

When you feel done, select create.

Now you have successfully linked an ad spec!


Remember that any changes made to the linked ad spec. will automatically be reflected in the original ad spec. 

To see that it is a linked ad spec, you can see the link icon next to the ad spec name.

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