What does this mean?

When advertisers visit www.yoursite.com and click "Advertise with us" on your page, they are redirected to your advertising page. This is complete with a custom domain, www.advertise.yoursite.com and shows your embedded media kit. 

This means your team can log in through your custom domain, and both your team and advertisers will not be visiting ocast.com, where all your competition is listed.  

You can embed your media kit with DNS-Forwarding in less than 5-minutes.  All DNS-forwarded media kits are automatically given an SSL certificate, which shows your advertising page is a trusted site. If you want to know more about what this means, check it out on the Ocast blog in this post.

Create a new advertising page with your media kit.

1. Log in and go to your media kit's brand settings.
2. Scroll down to your embed settings.
3. In your embed settings, you will see a blank form like this. 

4. Enter your custom domain.
           For example: mynewsubdomain.mydomain.com
5. Save.

If you do not see the blank form, click the link to activate.

Now go to your domain registrar. 

1. Login to your domain registrar (i.e., Loopia, GoDaddy, etc). In the DNS editor, create a new subdomain with the same name you entered in Ocast.          

Enter the following settings:

Subdomain: mynewsubdomain
TTL: 3600

2. Save!

Now on your website, you can link to this custom advertising page with your media kit. By linking somewhere easy to find, advertisers can find your advertising solutions and brand information in 1 click. 

: Ad portals with DNS Forwarding or iFrame already in use before September 2017 should follow these steps again to update your ad portal to have access to the latest features and functionality from Ocast.

Depending on your registrar, it may take up to 24 hours before your new subdomain is working and your Ad Portal is fully functioning. It often can be up and running within an hour. 



Add Pop-ups and track your media kit's traffic

At the bottom of your embed settings, it is also possible to add any Javascript code.
This includes from Google Analytics so you can track the traffic to your advertising page.

Here is how:

1. Scroll to the bottom of the embed settings.
2. Copy and paste whatever Javascript snippet you would like into the form.
3. Save and you're done!

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