Products and product groups are where you can upload what your brand has to offer.

On the left side menu of your new Ocast dashboard, you will find products and product groups

Product groups

Product groups are holders for your products. In order to show your products to visitors, you will first need to create a product group that you can connect them to.

A product group consists of these fields:

  • Title (name of your product group)

  • Description (description of your products or product group)

  • Category & sub-category (categories which your product group will be listed under)

  • Sold by  (connect your product group to a media kit)

  • Visibility (toggle between public/private to let visitors show your product group)

  • Products (connect any created products to your product group)

  • Cover image (a representing image of the product group)


Products have many of the same attributes as product groups except the difference is that you can connect a product to a product group, instead of connecting it to a media kit.

Note: A product can only be connected to one product group at a time. If you wish to include the same product in different product groups, see duplicating products and product groups.

Other product attributes are

  • Prices (price for your product)

  • Option values (product details such as sizes, requirements etc.)

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