What is a product?

A product can be anything you offer in your media portfolio. It could be a banner spot, a native article, or an ad-page of a print magazine.

Whatever you are offering from your product mix to prospective clients can simply be created in your Ocast product dashboard.

Creating a product

It's easy to create new products.

To get started, enter your Ocast dashboard and select products on the left menu.

You will be forwarded to the product dashboard, giving you a full overview of the organization's products. You can search, filter, edit your already existing products, or create new products.

Click create product on the upper right corner of the page.

You will then be redirected to a new page.

To successfully create a product, you will need to fill in some of the descriptive fields outlining the product.

  • Title (name of your product)

  • Description (describe the product)

  • Cover image (a representing image)

  • Price (necessary field; if you you prefer not to list the price, use "contact")

  • Option values (product details such as sizes, requirements etc.)

  • Visibility (toggle between public/private to let visitors show your product group)

  • Products group (connect created products to product group)

  • Category & sub-category (determines the category & sub-category tag of the product)


In order for your product to be visible on Ocast, make sure of two things.

  1. The visibility is set to public.

  2. The product is connected to a product group, which is connected to a media kit.

Option values

Option values further detail the characteristics of the product. This section allows you to either choose from a set of predetermined values or add your own.

After selecting one of the option values, enter the relevant data related to the product in the value tab.

You can also create your own option values for any product. See the example below.

Once all of the relevant information has been added, click create product in the upper right corner to save your work.

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