What are media kit items?

Product groups, statistics, audiences, ad-specifications, and cases are the items that make up your media kit. They provide necessary information to your customers. In order to make the items visible, connecting them to a media kit is necessary.

Connecting items to a media kit

On the left side of your Ocast dashboard, simply click on any of the above mentioned items. For instance, audiences.

Then, you will be forwarded to the audiences dashboard where you can either edit an existing audience or create a new one.

Usually, the existing items connected to the media kit will always be linked to the brand it belongs to. While, unconnected items are left with an empty space.

Now, click on the item not connected to the media kit. In this case it's Audience 1.

Upon the selection, you will be taken to the next page of your audience dashboard.

On the right side, you will see connect to media kit. In the search bar of this option, find the media kit you wish to connect the item to. Click on the media kit and save changes.

Connecting your items to multiple media kits

It is possible to connect the same item to several media kits. This is great especially when you want to avoid repetition.

The process is the same when connecting an item to a single media kit, but in this case you can tick off several media kits in the search bar. Like this.

Select multiple media kits and save changes.

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