Sorting your products is easy. Products can be organized in the following ways:

  • Sort manually

  • Sort by latest added

  • Sort by name

How to change the order of your products

Click on product groups on the left side menu of your Ocast dashboard.

You will be redirected to the product group dashboard, where you are able to search, filter, edit your already existing product groups, and create new ones.

Select any product group you wish to adjust the order of.

Then you will be forwarded to the product group dashboard.

By clicking on the Sort by drop down menu you will be able to sort your products three different ways.

Sort manually

You can drag your products up or down by clicking and holding the edit icon on the left side of each product.

Sort by latest added/ sort by name

You can also select sort by latest added or sort by name and your products will automatically be sorted.

Great! Now you know how to sort your products. Remember to Save changes. 😃

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