In order to manage your teams you will first need to enter your Ocast dashboard.

On the left side menu, click on team

You will be redirected to your team dashboard, which is a collection of all of the organization's team members. You can edit team member information, search for member profiles, and invite new members through this page.

Listing contacts

In order to list a team member as a contact on a profile, click on their name.

You will be redirected to their contact settings. This is where you can change anything from their phone number, user permission to their displayed email address.

Media kit access can be found at the bottom of the page. Enter the media kit you would like to list them on.

Make sure the eye icon is visible. This means that this team member will be listed on the profile you assigned them. If the eye icon is not visible the team member will not be listed as a contact on that profile.

When you are done, save changes. Your contact will now be listed below the profile's contact page.

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