On Ocast you have the possibility of structuring your product groups in folders.

This comes in hand when you have multiple product groups that are similar to each other.

Creating a folder

To set up a folder click on your media kit in your Ocast dashboard.

You will then be forwarded to your media kit profile. Click products in your media kit menu.

Next up, click on new folder.

A window will pop up. Type in your folder's name.

Next, click on create folder to see your folder listed in the product section.

In order to add a product group to a folder, you can click on the edit button found next to the name of each product group. You can also drag and drop the product group to the folder.

A drop down menu will appear when you click on the edit button. Click on move to folder.

You can also add a cover photo by clicking the three vertical dots found next to the name of the folder and then clicking add folder image

Your first folder is now complete!

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