Option values are an easy way to specify the details of your products.

Option values are short descriptions that help your customers better understand what your products look like. They include information such as,

  • dimensions

  • maximum weight

  • devices

  • file format

Option values are useful because they,

  • Easily specify the details of your products.

  • Make your organization look more professional.

  • Differentiate you from other competitors with similar products.

  • Inform your customers about possible edits and/ or customizations.

Adding option values

Option values can be added to the bottom of all of your products. To edit option values go to your product menu and select a product you would like to edit the option values of.

Then scroll to the bottom of the page to edit option values.

You can either choose from the option values provided.

Or you can type in your own option values.

Remember to save changes!

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