Ocast is a marketplace that aims to simplify the sales process of ads for buyers and salespeople.

Let us show you an example! πŸ‘

"Hi! My name is DanπŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ , and I'm a chef from Stockholm. I would like to advertise my new business, baking homemade cupcakes.

I think that to target my potential customers, I should place an ad in a local newspaper here... πŸ€” Oh I know! Let's check Ocast to see where I can advertise my business. Maybe in one of Stockholm's local newspapers!"

That's perfect! There are so many possibilities to publish my ad. 😱. I just found one spot that fits exactly what I want. Oh... I hope it won't be tedious process to buy an ad. 😩

Great! I simply fill in my information and request a quote. That's it! Ready to make my business take off! πŸš€

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