Editing and updating your profile in Ocast 3 is a bit different than Ocast 2. In Ocast 3 all creations and edits are made in the dashboard, as opposed to directly within the page.

There are a few key features of the dashboard that you should be aware of.

  1. Menu

  2. Media kit Settings

  3. Create media kit


The menu is located to the left side of the dashboard and it is were you can create and edit everything from products to cases. It is also where your library, team, and general settings are located.

Media kit settings:

Settings are where you can update your brand's specific settings, as well as your category and description. You can update your brand settings by clicking on the Settings button in your media kit.

Create media kit:

The create media kit button is where you can create a brand new media kit. It is located in the top right hand corner of the dashboard.

Note! 📝

With Ocast 3 you can now create items in the dashboard but not set them to public right away. This is useful if you want to review your content or wait for a date to set it public.

If you want your content to be visible it is important that all content be set to public and connected to a product group or media kit, otherwise it will remain private and not appear on your page.

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