Module maps are a way to display your print products. Creating them is easier than you might expect. 😊

To begin, you will need to start from your dashboard and click on Product Groups

Then click on Create product group.

To convert your product group to a module map all you need to do is set the Main category to Print and under Sub category click on Convert to module map.

After you select Convert to module map a window will appear where you can fill in your columns and rows, dimensions, and module type.

Now that you have converted your product group to a module map all that is left is to fill it in!

How to fill in a module map

To begin, fill in your widths and heights.

Next, add your prices.

Tip: Instead of manually entering all of your prices you can enter the price for the first box (11 / 11B / 11C) and then click on Recalculate Prices at the the top of the page. This will automatically fill in prices.

Tip: If your module map is the same for another day of the week you can simply copy it. 👍 Just select Tuesday (if you started with Monday), and click on Copy from Monday. There you go!

You are now all set to create the perfect module map for your organization!

Good luck! 🍀

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