What's an audience?

Your audience shows your target demographics. For example; age, nationality, gender or occupation.

With Ocast you have the possibility to present your audience in detail.

Setting up the audience

On the left menu of your Ocast dashboard, click on audiences.

You will be directed to the audience dashboard where you have an overview of your current audiences and can also create new ones.

To create a new audience, click on create audience on the top right corner of the audience dashboard.

You will then be redirected to a new page.

The first section contains the following fields. You should fill them in with appropriate information.

  • Title (name of your audience/demographics)
  • Data provider (the verified source of your audience data)
  • Description (description of your audience/target demographics)

You can also edit the gender distribution of your audience, as well as the average age in the bottom right corner the page.


The interest of your target demographics can be anything from cars, hobbies, food, business, charity, banking, etc.

To select interests, simply click on the bar and search for interests. A number of suggested alternatives will be given. You can select more than one.


Surveys are useful, especially when you want to present a more structured image of your target demographics. To insert a survey, simply click on add survey.

Next, a new window will pop up with the following sections to be filled in.

  • Question (the value you are asking for, f.e. age, income )
  • Answer (value of your question - how many percentage of your demographics are between the age 15-25 f.e.)
  • Source (add an verified source for your survey)

Once finished, click on done to save the data.

If you want to edit your survey or add multiple answers, it can be easily done by clicking the three vertical dots found at the end of each survey.

The pop up window will appear once again.

To add multiple answers, click on add a row. The answers can be set in either a percentages or an index. To save the work, click done.

You can also add several surveys, by clicking on add survey in the upper right corner of the survey window.


If you want to ensure audience visibility on Ocast, make sure you:

  1. Set your audience to public.
  2. Connect your audience to a media kit.

When done, click on create audience in the top left corner to save your work.

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