Surveys are a great way to present a more structured image of your target demographics.

To add a survey, create a new audience or select an audience to edit. Refer to this article if you need a review of how to do this.

To add a survey to your audience, simply click on add survey at the bottom of the page.

Next, a new window will pop up with the following sections to be filled in.

  • Question (the value you are asking for, f.e. age, income )

  • Answer (value of your question - how many percentage of your demographics are between the age 15-25 f.e.)

  • Source (add an verified source for your survey)

Once finished, click on done to save the data.

If you want to edit your survey or add multiple answers, it can be easily done by clicking the edit button found at the end of each survey.

The pop up window will appear once again.

To add multiple answers, click on add a row. The answers can be set in either a percentage or an index. To save the work, click done.

You can also add several surveys, by clicking on add survey in the upper right corner of the survey window.

Now you know how to add surveys! Remember to save changes!

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